What does mission service mean to me?

Flash Blog! This was written and published in 10 minutes so get ready for some stream of consciousness!

Being “In Mission Service” feels weird to me. What does that even mean?

It makes me feel uncomfy because I think of the harm that people with the title “missionary” have done in the past and are continuing to do. There is a lot of oppression, killing, and erasing of culture that has come in the form of what has been called mission work.

I am not in Tucson to do any of that though because of all of that is horrible and part of the horrible narrative of white supremacy. But that brings up the question of why am I here at all?

I am here to learn, grow, and change. I am here to serve others. I am here to show love and build realtionships.

I don’t consider that to be mission work. But also, isn’t that kind of the definition of mission work?

Being “in mission service” to me is just showing up for people. I do that by showing up to repair houses with CHRPA. I have shown up to events around the city to support other groups doing good work.

But in all of this I am learning so much, which is part of why I feel weird calling it mission work. But I think that is ok.

Mission service to me is serving others and learning from them. I don’t know how to best serve people unless I first listen to what they need. That is mission to me.

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